Hundred Zeros

Welcome to the home of our clan, Guardians.

Hundred Zeros is a company clan of very passionate Destiny players. We are an eclectic bunch who love to play all facets of the game. Raiding? Check. Aiming for the Lighthouse? Check. Just fooling around in Iron Banner? Double check!

Our interests are very diverse and so are our players: competitors and casual gamers, PvE and PvP players, number crunchers, Twitch streamers, gear collectors, we have them all and in many timezones!
Our clan includes Xbox and Playstation divisions, with very active members in both. We all keep in touch via our Slack team which is always buzzing with news, discussions, debates, and goofing. While our main focus is on Destiny, we play other games too and the clan spirit has carried over to these games.

If you are a Guardian of the Lost City and would love to join our group, please contact us. See you in the Tower!

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